alsation cross stitch kit

D2 Alsation
only 2.50 each


border collie cross stitch kit

D4 Border Collie
only 2.50 each


boxer cross stitch

D5 Boxer Dog NEW
only 2.50 each


cocker spaniel cross stitch kit

D7 Cocker Spaniel
only 2.50 each


dachshund cross stitch

D9 Dachshund NEW
only 2.50 each


scottie dog cross stitch kit

D11 Scottie
only 2.50 each


springer spaniel cross stitch kit

D12 Springer Spaniel
only 2.50 each


dalmatian cross stitch kit

D18 Dalmatian
only 2.50 each



D22 Bassett
only 2.50 each


bassett puppy cross stitch kit

D20 Bassett Puppy
only 2.50 each



D23 British Bulldog
only 2.50 each


benji puppy cross stitch kit

D24 Benji
only 2.50 each


puppy cross stitch kit

D25 Puppy with slipper in mouth
only 2.50 each


golden retriever cross stitch kit

D27 Golden Retriever
only 2.50 each


greyhound mini

G24 Greyhound NEW
only 2.50 each


puppy sleeping cross stitch kit

P20 Puppy sleeping
only 2.50 each


poodle cross stitch kit

P35 Poodle NEW
only 2.50 each


yorkshire terrier cross stitch

Y1 Yorkshire terrier
only 2.50 each


From Alsations to Yorkshire terriers, . . .
 cross stitch dogs for everyone.

Kits come complete with Aida 14 fabric, needle, chart, colour photo and easy to understand instructions. Need an embroidery hoop?

We are thinking of offering some of the little ones as downloadable files Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

If you wish to order please call us on 01529 461056

Thank you for looking at the Dogs Little Ones range. If you would like to see other breeds, please let us know and we will try to include them at a later date. This is what Julie did, and we have added the poodle and boxer for her.

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Little Ones  Cross Stitch Kits - Dogs